Is there a cure for depression?

I'm not talking pills. All they give you is side effects that make you worse off. Natural cure, where you do cognitive behaviours, get used to it and it disappears.

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    Your mental illness is 7 parts: Diet, Exercise, CBT, Sleep, Where you mentally nurture from, meditation and working towards something that fulfills you.

    So medication is an aid but definitely not a cure. Alot of people try to use it like a shortcut and don't do the meaningful work so they stay on the drugs but it never really fixes it.

    Exercise and sleep is the most important thing you can do:

    Exercise releases endorphins and it basically clears and dumps chemicals. Think of exercise like peeing. If you don't do it, you're backed up and eventually, you can get the mental version of UTI, known as depression. Find a form of exercise you can fall in love with and do it everyday. I cannot stress how important this is. 

    CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

    My friend once was told by her friend who was bipolar that was really enlightened by CBT. She showed her books on it. Then my friend reacted like, YOU MEAN COMMON SENSE?!!!! YOU'RE TRAINED TO HAVE COMMON SENSE??

    Basically, you have these things called triggers. Those bring on your habit of doing something. Like with depression, in programming lingo. You're stuck in an infinite loop. Your mind is glitching and it's playing the same chorus of a few songs on loops and you can't shut it off or get out of it. You lose control over being able to control your state of mind. 

    Depressed people tend to focus on the past trauma and memories. You gotta figure out your triggers, build a different habit to not get you into an infinite loop. Then you need to work with closure to close those loops. Also, people living inside the mind don't put in practice. It's not reality anymore. This event happened it stopped and it's not coming back. It might have put you where you ended up but it really doesn't matter how you got where you are. If you're unhappy it's time to work. Where do you want to go and how are you getting there. It's like working out being lost.

    I probably had depression for 8 years, maybe longer. I was able to solve it for good like a logical puzzle. Never had the drugs. much of mental illness is feelings and the focus of reality in your head. You have to keep exercising the opposite of that to eventually see it for what it is. That's the key to solving the puzzle.


    This is important because. You're exercising control over your state of mind. Research, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwaves.

    So everybody meditates. People meditate before they fall asleep. Some people meditate in the future (meditate on anxiety) and others in the past. When you keep thinking about all the things that make you depressed you're mediating on depression. so when you're mind needs to relax, like a computer screensaver or desktop it's defaulting to depression. Learn to meditate properly with the knowledge that you are perfect and enough. Exactly as you are in this moment you are perfect and forever evolving. It's a Thailand monk practice, their philosophy behind the practice of mediation really cleanses you. I'm not religious but this practice really changed my world. There was so much I held onto for decades and I felt light after learning.

    FYI, exercise especially the ones that require more concentration and balance will force you to learn to change and control your state of mind. Exercise too can be a form of mediation. anything that can put your mind to default and rest in a blank state rather than the depressed state.

    Your influence:

    Where do you nurture from. Don't listen to the news. it has only bad info. so find people and content that inspire and constantly feed off that to learn. make a list of who you want to be and listen to content to inspire to be that person.

    Your purpose:

    work towards your purpose. If you don't know what it is just do what you enjoy. If that doesn't ring any bells for you volunteer. Depression forces a person to be selfish. They only have room for their scars, their thoughts their feelings and don't have space for you to be someone else's rock. If you help others through regular volunteer your force to work on the skill of selflessness and focusing on others.

    Lastly, make sure it's not a physical problem causing it. Like digestive issues or medications.

    It's work to be human, be healthy. Tony Robbins who I think is a bit of a scam artist even suffered through deep depression and he worked through it. He believes mental illness doesn't exist and he motivated a lot of people. People criticize him for that but he solved his version of depression differently. SO he has a different understanding of it. I think what helped him was he didn't obsess about having depression which helps keeping it from being the center of your life. I think the majority of people have depression based off trauma. The mind glitches because it has a problem with processing it. So people can get stuck there. Your goal is to get unstuck. I haven't gone through the typical mental illness route. Many people I know just stay on it and stay dependent on it. Some people need it. Mental illness is an epidemic but I rarely have witnessed it from the patients stopping their dependency. Most of my friends talk about their mental illness a lot. Which is fine but they use it as a reason as to why they couldn't achieve what they wanted so I just see them stuck for decades. They also seem to use it in a way where it does the opposite of empowering that they can start building a muscle to attempt to control it. I think people who accept they have mental illness have a bad relationship with their issues. It's possible to have a good relationship with depression. That's healthier. The idea of a healthy relationship with depression just isn't promoted in the psychiatric field. That's why the medication and therapy aren't enough. You have to apply these 7 practices daily and gradually make them habits. Always know, whatever you're going through isn't forever. You and the world are constantly changing.

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    Dr CABOT Magnesium and Liaogulan

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    There is no single pill that can cure depression forget about antidepressants they've been known to increase suicidal thoughts in people who take them not a good idea. Also psychology and Psychiatry is nothing more than a pseudoscience anyway. The best things I can suggest for depression is to take a walk in the park every town has a park. Try to go out to Nature more also try turning off the new stations the news networks has nothing but bad news anyway and you don't need that. Another thing I could suggest just try watching comedy stand-up comedy or funny movies laughter is good medicine so anything you can do to bring laughter will help alleviate any depression. Also try getting some exercise exercise has been known to produce endorphins that make you feel good. Last but not least look at your diet if you're eating unhealthy junk food you will be depressed but if you eat healthy foods plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean meats and drink  plenty of water., you will find that you will be far less depressed. Get out as much as you can and talk to people that will take your mind off of whatever is bothering you do not I repeat do not lock yourself up in your apartment it would only make the problem worse. Whether you're an introvert or extrovert humans are social creatures so socialize as much as you possibly can

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    Yes, stop supressing your desires and go after what you really really want.

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    Don’t worry about it 

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    The meds I take help me. There’s nothing wrong with taking pills and I haven’t had any side effects and I’ve been on them for 2 years 

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    Depression never really goes away. Once it's there, it'll linger around for the rest of your life. But you shouldn't let it win. I also suffer from depression and I did since I was 10. My parents never believed in depression so they never knew about it and I was too ashamed to tell anyone how I felt because I was scared of being made fun of. 

    I've learned to get use to it. I usually go outside for a walk because the beauty of the outdoors always makes me forget about it. Or I watch some movies or YouTube videos while eating snacks. Other times, I honestly just smoke a cigarette and try to relax. It's just my way of coping. I dont take any medication for it because when it comes, it lasts for a day and tends to go away the next day.

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    Take a brisk 2 mile walk every evening.  If you're not fit, work up to it gradually.  It sorts out depression and anxiety better than pills or psychologists.

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