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Job threatened me because I forgot to take my temperature!?

I work from home and have been since June 2019. We JUST started having to send our temperature in last month and I’ve been doing it but I forgot to one day and they sent me and email saying if I don’t there will be disciplinary action.

Is this really necessary?

Can I really get fired for not sending in my temperature? 

They don’t even verify if the temperature is correct, I can literally put any temperature in and they’ll go with it, like what sense does this make 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This is probably a liability thing.   Employers are getting sued left and right over this COVID thing.  It's really thrown employment law for a loop.

    Does your employer's policy make anyone safer?   Maybe not.  But the company finds other value in the policy.    

    You are not required to submit your temperature.  But if you choose not to, your company will likely choose to replace you with someone who will. 

    There are no threats here so stop being melodramatic.   You've been informed of the rules.   Big boys and girls choose to follow them or face the consequences.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This seems extreme when you are working from home.  After all - who would you be exposing to illness if you did have a fever.

    I guess maybe they are concerned about the quality of someone's work and not making errors if they are trying to work while sick?

    There is nothing you can do about this rule.  It is actually not something that you could fight.  There is no grounds to claim this as an "unreasonable" request.  

    The only thing you might be able to fight is unreasonable disciplinary action based on this.  If the consequences of forgetting to turn in your temperature have not been clearly determined, then you might have a case against the company if they take extreme action just based on forgetting one time.

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