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High school teacher salary by year?

Hello! I am thinking of becoming a high school teacher and am trying to research stuff right now. I keep seeing that in my state that the average income is around 50,000$. I also saw that usually the first year is around 30,000, and increases every year after until it hits around 50,000 or until you pursue a masters degree in English. Is this correct? And is around 30,000 enough for one person to live on their own? Thank you, your help is appreciated!

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    You want to deal with stroppy teenagers all day? $50k us not enough.

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    You should be able to find the salary schedule on any school district website. This is public information and if it is not on the website you can contact the district (but everyone I have ever looked for in recent years has been online).

    So if you know a target district you can get the exact information.

    Salary schedules typically have a step & column configuration. Most often the step is how many years you have been teaching and the column is usually additional credits beyond bachelors degree (and sometimes the columns are different type of credentials like preliminary, etc). So if you get your masters you will of course have those college credits to increase salary and most place have an additional stipend for masters/doctorate. Some are almost nothing and some can be a few thousand or a percentage of your salary (i.e. 2%).

    The "step" portion of the salary schedule may only go a certain number of years until you move to a higher column.

    Every state is different on requirements. Some states require you to earn additional college credits as part of keeping you credential.

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    It might be a generous salary in rural Oklahoma and close to homeless in Boston.

    I'd recommend doing further research. First, figure out what the different school *districts* pay in your state rather than considering state average. My district (which is excellent) pays right about double what the nearby city district (which is terrible) pays.

    Depending on where you live, salaries may be a matter of public record, easily researched online.

    Next, create a budget for what the districts pay new hires. There are lots of websites to help you craft one that fits the way you imagine yourself actually living, taking into account things like whether you'll work another job in the summer or spend money on tuition to grad school, whether you travel or stay home, what you might spend on gifts or on a car, that kind of thing.

    It's a good bit of effort, but it will give you a realistic answer to whether teaching will earn you enough money for a comfortable life.

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    Without knowing the state or county in which you live, it's hard to answer any of your questions. Where I live, the salaries for any public school teacher can go as high as $80K/year plus benefits.

    1. Yes, first year teachers are paid the least.  

    2. Most public school teachers are in the teachers' union and salary ranges and increases based on seniority and negotiated between the union and the school district.

    3. Most salary increases are based on a combination of performance metrics and seniority.

    4. $30K might be enough for one person to rent a small apartment or share an apartment or house, but it entirely depends on where you live and the cost of housing, insurance, etc.  That is not a living wage in San Francisco, for example.

    5. Salary ranges are often based, in part, of the cost of living where the school is located.  A rural school is going to pay less than a school in a much more expensive urban area.

    5. Most school districts do like to see their teachers continue their own education by earning a Master's degree in either education, counseling, or the specific subject that the teacher teaches.  If that is English, then a MA in English.  If the person teaches math, then a MS in Mathematics.

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    Please do not become a public school teacher. It is unethical to collect a tax and disperse it for the purpose of public education.

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