should I get the Nikon d810 or the Sony a7r-ii?

which one is better for landscape/street photography?

I know the Nikon d810 is older, but it seems to still be one of the best in its class.

also what are the cons of buying an old camera?

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  • keerok
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    They're both great cameras and I think this will go down to handling. Try them both. 

    One question. When you hold a camera, do you instinctively raise it close to your eye or do you hold it at about an-arm's-length away? IF you do the former, go with the D810. If the latter, get A7RII.

    Cons of buying a used camera? Hidden defects. Cons of buying a new but old model camera? Nonewhatsoever.

  • Sumi
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The A7R II is a mirrorless while the D810 is a DSLR, which you probably already know.  Because Nikon is going to be discontinuing their entire line of all DSLRs in the very near future, I'd go with a mirrorless body to future-proof my system.

    However with that said, if you think you'll need a reasonably fast AF system to track moving subjects traveling at a pace equal to or greater than a brisk walk, then go with the D810 because of its superior AF tracking.  Otherwise the EVF in the A&R II offers some very useful features for street photography such as being a smaller and less conspicuous body.

    The A7R II has a higher resolution for better cropping capablity and for larger prints.  Yes, the higher MP will also be sharper providing that you've got the right glass.  Just be aware that using such a high megapixel camera does come with its own set of challenges.  For example, since depth of field is basically what "appears" to be in focus, the DOF of these two high MP cameras will show a bit shallower DOF than a camera with, say, 18MP.  Also, if you normally can get away with hand holding the camera by using the 1/focal length rule, you will find that rule no longer works.  For me, I found that once I went to a 40MP camera, I need to increase the shutter speed by at least one stop.  Now for the A7R II this isn't an issue since it has IBIS, but the D810 does not!

    Because of IBIS and it's form factor, the A7R II is going to be a superior street photography camera than the D810.  None of these things will matter when taking a landscape on a tripod.

    The higher MP sensor of the A7R II makes it a better landscape camera since you will be able to bring out more resolution for high-quality glass and print your files which is often the case with landscape photographs.

    Add in the fact that DSLRs are going the way of the Do-Do bird, go with the Sony.

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