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What is the likely future of post-pandemic air travel?

Air travel has gone through a very bad shock in 2020. It will likely take years before air travel returns to 2019 levels. While air traffic has no way to go but upwards, a number of things could happen.

* Airlines could be facing financial weaknesses for some time to come.

* Capacity could be normalized in a staggered way over 3 to 4 years. Thus, vacationing will be more limited until capacity is normalized.

* Airline bankruptcies could occur even with federal aid.

* A drastic reduction of airline staffing could lead to a reduction in the travel industry labour pool. So, as demand increases, not all of those who want to travel by air could do so.

This leads to a depressed travel industry. Once the pandemic is over, will governments be promoting air travel to speed up air travel recovery while subsidizing airlines for a few years to come?

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    1 month ago

    six months ago, Air Travel was post pandemic. It was just a different Pandemic,.

    It will be about the same. It will just take until we forget about all the politization of this one. There have been medical expeets, the ones Leftisits call "Scientists" who have said it all goes away after the election/.

    What do you get when you mix Healthcare and Politics? you get Politics.

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