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Curbing kitten aggression?!?

My husband and i decided to add a kitten into our home last week. We already have 2 cats aged 2 years and 10 years.

We had been noticing that our 10 year old was slowing down and thought it might be a good idea to get a play mate for our active 2 year old.

This has gone horribly. We tried to keep the kitten (named Zero) in the bathroom so we could slowly introduce them.. within a few days Zero was so anxious about being in the bathroom he began to scream and rip up our linoleum whenever he was confined. Zero is a terror. All he wants to do is chase the other 2. We have a leash for him but he absolutely loses it when it's on him. We keep trying to redirect the aggression to a laser or toy but he seems to think being an unholy terror is more fun. 

We then tried to separate them by keep the older boys in my bedroom, it turns out Zero can open doors! We then tried putting a dresser drawer in front of the door which we promptly moved and then peed on. He's also been vet checked. He's healthy. 

I'm getting to my wits end. I can get a little bit of group play with them but not much. They are calm for treats but as soon as the food is gone Zero is on the move after the older boys. We have a spray bottle which seems to do nothing. We don't yell, we gently remove and redirect. We have feliway friends.

What am I doing wrong?!

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