Pearl L asked in TravelAir Travel · 1 month ago

Any ideas on how funerals work these days?

I found out my sister just died, she lived in brooklyn and my brothers dont want to go to the funeral thanks to covid,im not afraid to fly out but i dont want to go by myself, this was my twin sister and im too upset to go without the emotional support even though i have money for plane tickets and whatever. i dont even know yet when theyre doing it or how, is there a limit on funerals , and what if i go and they tell me they reached their limit so i cant go anyways, what are funerals like these days? i find it real depressing to go alone and wouldnt even know where to go anyways, dont have an address of where theyre doing it or anything like that and she lived in this jewish place so its hard to call anyone to ask them about it cause of rosh hashona and all. so what exactly are funerals like these days.  i want to know so i can decide whether to go or not

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