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Is the 6k blackmagic pocket cinema camera worth the cost?

I just have a blackmagic pocket cinema 1080p camera with a Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 lens and I've been meaning to get a higher resolution video camera but the 6k blackmagic cinema camera I've seen on youtube looks so sharp and I can't decide whether to get the 4k or 6k.  I understand the 6k blackmagic costs twice as much as the 4k and it also uses EF lens mounts instead of Micro Four Thirds lens mounts and I guess I need to get a new lens?  That Panasonic lens cost me $1,000 when I first bought it. 

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    Do you need an upgrade or do you really want an upgrade?

    Considering that you're likely to upgrade which ever model you get to replace your current camera, I'd go 4K right now and then when you need to or simply really want to upgrade from that, the cost of the newer camera will be significantly cheaper.

    If you go with an full-frame lens mount like the BM 6K, you should understand that your depth of field will be reduced by two full stops in comparison to what you're getting now with an equivalent lens.  This will either be a good or bad thing depending upon your technical and artistic needs/style.

    Canon is starting to slowing move away from the EF mount to the new RF mount of their mirrorless cameras.  If you get into the EF mount now, you need to understand that this is a mount well beyond its prime (no pun intended).  While EF mount lenses aren't going away anytime soon, it does mean that Canon is going to put their R&D resources into the RF mount and not the EF mount.  I'd skip the 6K version unless you have a compelling business reason to go with it now.

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