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Does my cat need another cat?

My cat has IBS: she’ll have this gooey thing come out of her butt with the last piece of poop she poops, and she’ll also have bloody poop sometimes. I’ve noticed when my sister brings her cat over for a couple of days, or if I take my cat over to my sister’s, my cat’s poop will be normal. (I watch her poop everyday lol). But my cat is very territorial and will not let my sisters cat sleep or be near me. I’m not sure if she’s just playing because whenever she sees her she’ll keep jumping at her. Should I get her another cat? 


The vet diagnosed her with IBS guys 

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    You don't need another cat (double trouble). You need a Vet.

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    The BLODDY 💩 LOL the only Vet is the solution my kitten whisker is also alone she doesn't mind it but actually she like it :)  lol 

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    Bring her to the vet

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    Your cat needs a vet and you need to take the bloody poop in for examination,  Cats seem to be territorial unless raised with other cats.

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    1 month ago

    No.  Talk withe a vet about the reaction with the other cat and what is happening.  You don't need any more stress.  The fact she is territorial means you don't bring in another cat.  She may need a change of medication for her IBS or other kind of treatment.

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  • PR
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    Unless you have taken your cat to the vet, you cannot diagnose your cat to have IBS. Your cat could have a virus, parasite, or be sensitive to her food. Take her to the vet to be checked for parasites or possible virus, which can cause these symptoms. We just treated a litter of rescue kittens with coccidia and this can cause severe diarrhea.

    If kitty is cleared by the vet and does not have any of the above, then begin with the food and consider she may be sensitive to her food. If you are feeding a cheap brand, or Purina food, this could be the case. Many cats are sensitive to their foods and will react this way.

    Begin by feeding canned food-only in order to settle her tummy down. Add some canned pumpkin to her food as well. Do this for a bit, and then begin adding some better quality dry food to the canned, along with some water to make a stew-like mix. Feed two times per day. 

    As someone else noted, sometimes probiotics may also help and you can add these to the food.

    I would not add another cat into your house until you get these issues cleared up, because a strange cat could easily make things worse from the stress. Cats don't normally like too much change.

    Kitty is not feeling well. Take her to the vet because mucous in the stool, and blood in the stool mean the colon is shedding its mucous layer and she is very uncomfortable. Vet, then change foods.

    Also: DO NOT FEED COW'S MILK. Many people think they are doing their cat a favor by giving milk. The main things milk may be good for are helping with constipation; otherwise it could cause diarrhea and possibly lead to bloody poop if given too often.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your cat needs to see a vet.  I have a cat who had similar symptoms.  The vet started him with a probiotic in his food.  When that didn't do the trick she prescribed some prescription food that has taken care of the problem.  We tried a couple of formulas before settling on this one:

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    don't get another cat because you cant be sure she is violent and evil.

    instead, spirit halloween is open now. buy face paint and cat costume(must be realistic) and then spend an hour a day roleplaying with your cat.

    i know its true because my cat had ibs too and this is what i did for 3 months, i saw results after bout week. then my cat ran away but it works it works trust the man

    -big Paul 

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