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If there are billions of stars in Milky Way Galaxy alone and there are billions of galaxies, why is it so hard to believe aliens are real?

I never really understood why people don't take UFO sightings and aliens seriously.  If a civilization is a million or millions of years ahead of us, wouldn't you think they are capable of anything?  Why wouldn't extraterrestrial worlds who are advanced be able to go into space just like us?  Just like the UFO found near Roswell in 1947, you know a lot of people saw it.  Even now, what's interesting is that there are real footage of a UFO and the one the Navy pilots filmed appears to be rotating and also glowing.

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@Proton, governments around the world probably don't want to cause mass hysteria.  You've probably heard of project blue book, men in black, etc etc.

Update 2:

Also, I don't mean you have to believe in UFO and aliens and they have to be true but I also don't get why some people are so negative and don't even want to give it a chance.  If you have evidence we are alone in the Universe, I will keep my mouth shut.  

Update 3:

I see a lot of the answers are about distance.  You guys can write a whole book or something just to debunk everything.  Like I said, if a alien civilization is light years ahead of us with technology, they would have ways.  Even Einstein theorized about wormholes and this could be a way to take shortcuts.  And even though it's just a theory, why would a brilliant scientist like Einstein even come up with this?  Like quantumclaustrophobe mentioned, we should keep an open mind.  

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@Mr Floppy, what if there are natural resources they found valuable on earth that they wanted for their benefit?  Keep an open mind.

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    Anything that goes against vested misconceptions is hard to believe until proven and there are always a few people who never believe the truth even after it’s proven. The earth was the center of the universe until it was proven that it wasn’t. The earth was flat until it was proven to be a sphere yet there’s still quite a few idiots who still think it’s flat. Look at all the people who think Trump tells the truth every time he opens his mouth when the proven reality is just the opposite. When there are aliens walking the streets among us there will still be people who think they are men in rubber suits or a government conspiracy that genetically manipulated people. 

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    Because some sad people think we are so perfect that no others like us can come about

    The Femi Paradox States that Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence

    Here is Frank Drake who produced the Drake Equation and also liked a game of Bowls

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    produce evidence, real evidence not 'authority' (all thst shows is your brainwashed) that what you see in the sky is anything more than spots of light.

    have you traveled out there and met aliens personally?

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    Read "Rare Earth" book by Brownlee and Ward.  After 20 years, none of it has been disproved.

    Very lucky Earth is just right, not screwed up by dozens of factors, good timing, to create life, develop intelligence, and a civilization that can communicate from star to star.

    No one seems to be available to answer our messages (at least nearby).  So much for  the swarms of aliens out there, so far.

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    its not hard to believe alien life exists , but does it matter in the end !!!

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     we suspect that  2 legger life as  in us, the 2 leggers, given the size of the galaxy,will be found elsewhere,,it is quite rational,, we have not had eyeball with one yet,accounts of alien & earth peeps  pics or vids are  of past events,often blurry low light,,or anecdotal  testimony

    we have to keep searching,,we are ants in the mojave 

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    I don't think a lot of scientists doubt there is life out there. However, what is very difficult for the human brain to grasp is the size of the universe. Its size is outside the scope of our daily experience. To travel from another planet that may have highly intelligent life with very advanced technology means travelling a huge distance. A distance we simply struggle to grasp.

    That leads to questions about the length of time it would take to travel that distance, can you fuel a spacecraft to cover the distance and back. I presume these aliens may want to go home. Then there is the provision of nutrition and whatever other forms of life support they need. It requires a great deal more than provisioning for a long road trip.

    Besides the very practical difficulties mentioned there is also the dangers of travelling through space. A lot of people imagine it is some kind of total vacuum with absolutely nothing in it and thus no dangers. It most certainly is not.

    You also make an all too common mistake. You conflate UFOs and alien spacecraft as the same thing. They are NOT! The former is simply an abbreviation for unidentified flying object. These, of course, do exist. We know objects exist. Also we know that there are objects, natural and man made, that can be in the atmosphere, loosely called flying, although that is not an accurate description in all cases. An observer may see a flying object and be unable to identify it, i.e. an unidentifiable flying object (UFO). It is simply something the observer cannot identify. It would be explainable if all the facts were available. It is not a spacecraft from another planet.

    I once saw an object in the sky that I could not identify. My knowledge and experience told me it was an aircraft. However, it was a very sunny day and the angle between the object and me plus the Sun reflecting off it gave it a very strange look. It was a UFO simply because I was unable to identify it at that time. Had I been able to see it stationary on the ground I would obviously recognise it as an aircraft.

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    There is no reason to suppose that aliens don't exist.  However, the distances between stars is so great that the likelihood of encountering intelligent life is almost nil. Unless a civilisation in some other solar system has the technology for us to detect some sort of signal we wouldn't even know that civilisation exists.  As an example would an alien craft passing the outer edges of the Kuiper Belt be detected by us? 

     Let us assume that intelligent aliens visited us in the past. The visit would be essentially a one-way trip for them since thousands of years would have passed on their home planets.  You have to take into account the logistics involved in their traveling: things such as food, mode of transportation, etc.  Then you need to take into account the earth itself.  Life here has evolved and adapted to the composition of the atmosphere, gravity, amount of sunlight, microorganisms, etc.  As for other life forms would we recognise them if they don't resemble anything like what we have here on Planet Earth? 

    As for UFO's.  The popular misconception is that they are flying saucers or alien space craft.  A UFO is merely an Unidentified Flying Object and many UFO sightings are due to natural phenomena. 

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    Because even the likelihood that life is widespread in the Universe doesn't imply that intelligent life forms would exist or send spacecraft to this planet which were not concealed from us.  Assuming life is common, we don't know evolution to intelligent life is.  Assuming that is, we don't know if it's of a kind which would build vehicles - dolphins would find that very difficult for example.  Assuming they can, we don't know if they'd be motivated.  Assuming they are, they might not realise the importance of environmental sustainability or be able to avoid war for long enough to survive to do so.  Assuming they do, we have the problem of why they would make the occasional craft known to us without making an unequivocal demonstration that they exist.  And UFOs always seem to have much simpler explanations that don't involve evoking the existence of aliens.

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    This is the Fermi Paradox. There are so many planets that chances are great that some will develop intelligent life and visit earth. But why aren't the aliens here? 

    We have no evidence at all of any aliens visiting us. UFOs are unidentified flying objects. Unidentified does not imply extraterrestrial. We don't see aliens walking around in the street. We don't see alien cities or machines on Earth. We have no physical evidence of any aliens beings or technology. 

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    You’re using the argument of numbers...  while I do agree - there probably *is* intelligence out there - so far, we have no evidence of it.  A UFO is simply that - something unidentified.  While it *could* be alien intelligence, until there’s some sort of evidence of it, I just have to doubt that it’s alien visitations... 

    At the moment, we have no idea if life is common in the cosmos, if it’s rare, or if Earth is the only game in town... while everyone has an opinion on the matter - until we get evidence if it exists (or not)...we’ll simply have to keep an open mind. 

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