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How do I go about moving out ?

I’ve just found out I’m pregnant, I’m currently not in work as I was make redundant due to corona virus ( I am still looking for work but it’s very hard atm ) , my boyfriend works full time but only minimum wage and he is self employed. Both of our parents told us we need to move out as we can’t stay there with a baby. How do I go about moving out ( not privately as we can’t afford it) he can’t afford to pay full rent himself as he’s the only one working. So how do I go about getting somewhere on the council or housing association? Do I just ohone then up ? Will they give me housing benefit if they find me a place and I’m not working? I’m not sure how it all works and how I go about it  


Obviously this was not planned, but we don’t believe in abortions so I’m asking for genuine advise not criticism 

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    Most cities have a housing authority you can get on a list for low income housing.

    Its going to be difficult he's self employed hes going to have to show proof of income ...usually taxes, lenth of time can he prove that.

    Honestly you need to find a nice family and rent a room that has a seperate entrance. 

    Look into early head start in your area its free child care for infants 6 weeks to 3 years . They provide formula, diapers, food while in their care. Plus housing resources and college classes. This might be your best bet now...before baby comes.

    If i were you and my parents were kicking me out pregnant id never talk to them again once you move out. If they dont care prior why bother.

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    amazing that people are so clueless that there are other countries besides the give clear indications you are not in the US...early head start/head start are US  they have them in your country?  those programs are for incompetent parents who can't teach their kids basic communication, play and self help skills.

    apply at deadbeatsrus.

    seriously, find adoptive parents, if you choose US parents, they can pay your housing while you are pregnant..not sure about how adoptions work in your country.

    or grow up, put on your big girl panties.  if you have to, find roommates to share expenses.

    I don't know conditions in  your country, but many places are begging  for employees...and so many people 'can't' find a job.

    how about providing child care?  maybe you can find a family that is okay with you having your child with you.

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    Obviously you cannot go back and correct the mistakes of the past without a time machine but you can do this right from now on.  First thing to decide is whether you wish to remain with bf.  If you do, get married.  Does not need to cost much and will create a far more solid relationship to deal with the nightmare of living on the breadline which you both face for an indefinite amount of time.

    If you do not want to remain together and abortion is not an option, consider adoption.  That is what my parents did, not ideal but they were thinking of me, not themselves.  They were 19 and 20, still at university and did not want me to grow up in poverty.

    In terms of being housed at taxpayer's expense, you need to find out what is available locally for you.  Shelter can be very helpful.  As others have said, to get this you may have to be evicted and spend time in temporary accommodation.  Your universal credit will be based on the amount you both earn but you have to face the fact that it is going to be unlikely that you can afford childcare so unless your parents are prepared to help out, living on benefits and one minimum wage is the bleak future you face.  I do not envy you, having children is hard enough without poverty.

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    You get into a place as roommates, nobody else is going to take care of you. 

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    Just keep having kids you can't afford. Great idea.

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    Single people of working age are not a priority as far as council accomodation, the only way the council will 'help' is if your parents evict you, then you might be accepted on their list and only on the day of the eviction and you are actually homeless the 'might' put you in temporary accomodation, that could be a hostel or cheap B&B and that will not include a bf..........only once you have the kid would you be more of a priority, but you could be in temporary accomodation for months or years before they offer you a place and/or you are allowed to 'bid' for available properties.

    You would need to ask the housing officer at the council for their  landlord list which are private landords prepared to take on benefit tenants and you will still require first months rent and security deposit upfront before you would get the key and have to apply for HB to pay the rent or part of the rent

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    I'm sorry, but long gone are the days when single mothers went to the top of the housing list. You will have to go on the housing list like everyone else and wait to reach the top. You do realise that the waiting lists for council properties runs into the thousands and people are on the list for years waiting? 

    But I'm a bit confused you talk of a boyfriend, but then go on to talk about a place for yourself?  I am also confused as to how you think you will be able to support two adults and a baby, pay rent and bills on one minimum wage job. It might be worth talking to both sets of parents again, given that their grandchild is caught up in all this!

    That aside, your only option is private sector renting. But, with or without the boyfriend, you can get help with the rent through housing benefit up to a certain amount. Your Council will be able to advise on that. Obviously, you are free to rent a more expensive place, but your will need to make up the difference yourself.  You will also need to find a landlord willing to accept someone on benefits and a lot don't, although it is now illegal for them tho advertise saying 'no DSS'.

    Another option, and it's not ideal, is to get your parents to write a letter saying they have thrown you out and as of today you are homeless and you can present yourself at the Council housing office and hope for the best. That way you MIGHT get emergency accommodation and a higher priority on the housing list. But it won't be with the boyfriend, given you don't already live together, and the accommodation probably won't be very nice. Think drug users, asylum seekers etc!

    I suggest you start by talking to Citizens Advice. Your council won't help you until you are actually homeless.

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    Speak to your local council and see what options are available.

    Realistically, you won't get a council house any time soon (high demand, low availability, and you're not homeless). 

    So you'll need to see what housing benefit you and your partner can jointly claim, then look to find what you can rent locally with that in mind. Many landlords won't rent to those on benefits. 

    You'll also need enough savings to pay for the deposit and first month's rent up front. 

  • Rick B
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    So, you have no income.  You have a baby on the way.  And you and your parents think that it is practical for you to move out on your own?????

    OK.  Let us know how that works out.

    Perhaps you and your boyfriend should not have made a baby until you both had careers, some savings, a marriage license, and a home of your own?

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