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What do you think about UFO's? Have you seen some of the evidence on the internet? ?

Its really interesting. Many reports are very similar in how they report the shape and speed of these crafts. 


@ Dixon. I agree with you 100%. There seems to very few video clips or " clear evidence " of this type of aircraft. I also agree that many natural things occur that people consider UFO's and they are just natural things. I would encourage you too look at the de-classified navy reports of some sort of aircraft that travels very fast. Also I think about it like this. Maybe we are seeing some kind of Human made aircraft. In other words, the term UFO doesn't always have to imply Aliens. 

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    UFO's what?  .

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    There is allot of evidence for unidentified flying Objects but no evidence at all for extraterrestrials. Remember, unidentified does not mean aliens. 

  • Who
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    1 month ago

     who cares?

    No matter WHAT you see or read on the internet there is NOBODY who checks if its true

     You say there are "de-classified navy reports? WHO SAYS THEY ARE?

    IF they are declassified that means they should be available to check

    How you TRIED checking them at source (the navy) or are you assuming whoever told you this is telling the truth?

     even if they give to a reference to check - Who says THIS aint leading you to a fake site?


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    I believe in UFOs. There is no reason to suppose that 

    all life in the Universe is nothing more than microbial, 

    and has yet to catch up with "us". 

    I have seen five UFOs during my life. I do not pretend 

    to know who was driving the things, but in the mid-1960s 

    when I had my very first sighting, I'm pretty sure it wasn't us.

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  • Bill-M
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    1 month ago

    What do I think about UFO's?

    90 percent of all UFO's are man made right here on Earth and most of them are Military Aircraft.

    The other 10 percent are acts of Nature or natural events.  The Planet Venus has been reported as a UFO, Especially when seen in the day time.

    Evidence on the Internet is easy to fake.

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    A good topic for psychologists, and for frightening small children.

    The subject does not belong in the physical sciences because there is no physical evidence to justify it as a physical science. The whole schemozzle rides on kooky stories, dodgy photos, claims by eyewitnesses, most of which get discounted as deception both of the honest and dishonest variety, and ready acceptance by a scientifically illiterate and gullible population.

    Enjoy it as entertainment, if you are bored and can't think of a better way to utilize your time. Otherwise it can all be safely ignored, and left to those who are easily misled.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Oh yeah, tons of stuff on the internet. Just like those "documentaries proving" the earth is flat, or that the Egyptian god Anubis is actually in charge of cable TV content and that Jimmy Carter is an evolved penguin mage. The internet. Riiiiight. Moron.

  • Jim
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    1 month ago

    I'm a reasonable scientist, and I'm actually witnessed one.

  • Mike
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    1 month ago

    The "evidence" is hardly compelling.

    Bad photos, sketchy descriptions, "but what else could it be" - none of them are proof of anything.

    "many reports are very similar" - right, and that doesn't strike you as odd?

  • Dixon
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    1 month ago

    I find it notable how few video clips there are, considering everyone has a video camera in their phone. The thing is that there are many unusual things in the sky, from flocks of birds to weather balloons to reflections in windows (all reported as ufo's), and yet the explanation people want to jump to is alien space ships. 


    When the aliens turn up, there won't be any doubt about it. They are not going to travel light years across the galaxy just to turn round and go home.

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