what is the science behind why The dark moon is considered the new moon?

Im aware that today we consider the new moon to be dark but what im not sure of is why, what proof is there that the dark moon starts the cycle off, how do we know if it starts it or ends it? How do we know if the cycle doesn’t begin in light and end in darkness. And who decided this? And when ?

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    1 month ago
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    There is no science behind this phrase; it goes back well over 1000 years. And of course there is no proof that this or any other phase "starts the moon's cycle." It just seems like one reasonable place to think of as the start of the cycle. It's obvious to the naked eye. You could say that the cycle starts at 71.958% of fullness, but that's awfully hard to measure with naked eye.

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    It is not Science, but Nature

    The Area that has yet to be lit up by Sunlight

    Just like Night on Earth only it happens more slowly

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    It's simply a social convention... Like "up" on maps is north, and Greenwich is the prime meridian...  The moon cycle could be said to start anywhere - it's just been agreed that 'new moon' is the start.

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