Why cant I find the song Fantasize by Marina Acton anymore?

When the song first came out it popped up in my spotify weekly and thats how i found it. A few months ago I was going through my songs and wanted to listen to it but it was greyed out like they had taken it off of spotify. So I decided to go onto youtube to listen to it, only to find out its been deleted from there as well. The only videos i can find that have some of the song, not all of it, is videos people made on youtube animating their art. I google searched the song to try and find out what happened with it and the only articles i can see is from 2018 when she released it as her debut single. Also there was an article about kim k being her bff but im pretty sure that has nothing to do with it soo.. Anyways I was wondering if anyone new what happened to the song or if anyone new where I could listen to it, that song was a total jam for me and id very much appreciate if i could listen to it again and or if someone would let me know why its been erased of the face of the earth.

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