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What did these men want from us ?

I was walking with my friend last night in the neighborhood, it was silent and there were no people. While we were walking a car drove slowly past us full with a group of men, my friend and I noticed them but pretended like we didn’t see them and kept walking. They drove a bit further and suddenly stopped in the middle of the way, I got scared but my friend whispered that we should keep walking. We walked a few steps further then the car started driving backwards towards us, I freaked out, let go of my friend and started walking quickly back to the opposite direction. Then the driver yelled out of his window “I won’t do you anything!” Then they quickly drove away. My friend came after me and calmed me down. I asked her how she could stay so calm in that situation? It was late at night around 1 am, we were alone and it was a car full with men, they could have been potential abductors or rapists, ofcourse I got scared in that situation. Their behavior was very strange, what did they want from us?? They didn’t look like they wanted to ask for some directions. What would you have done if you were in that situation? Luckily none of  them came out the car. All those bad news on tv of abductions and rapes just make me paranoid. I hope that I will never be in that situation again. 

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    They just wanted to pick up some girls to hangout with and hopefully get laid that night. If they wanted to kidnap you they would have. They wouldnt have drove away and never came back if they wanted to kidnap you

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They were probably looking to pick you up, but when they saw you were scared they backed off. Really, what else would a carload of men be doing carousing around at 1 am and acting like that? You were lucky you were not abducted. 

  • 1 month ago

    Please save your creepy adventure or troll rants for Reddit. If it was me your body would be found sexually assaulted with gear stick with stab wounds and with your head missing. Count yourself lucky. 

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