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how to lose weight secretly?

parents won't let me diet, and I always have to eat dinner (it's healthy but big). I can kind of get away with eating smaller breakfasts and lunches most days. I'm basically eating 1500 calories, which isn't unhealthy, but they'd flip if they knew.  they'd want me eating at least 2000 (I'm a girl). however, they find it weird I don't want to eat dessert and are starting to get suspicious.

I've tried the stomachache thing, needing to clear up my skin, I'm tired and I'll have dessert tomorrow lol.. any other excuses u can help me with? I know it's weird they obsess over me not eating dessert but they do.

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    lol I get you and tbh at least with my ethnic parents theres no getting around it...if they see me not eating dessert theyre always like what are you trying to lose weight or something (like obviously I am duh) but they get really upset 

    my parents absolutely did not want me dieting but I wanted to get skinny and finally have a nice bikini body which needed me to eat less so my stomach could flatten...I basically wanted to go from around 130lbs to 105ish 

    since I had to keep it a secret I couldn't workout too much either so it was mainly just dieting. breakfast id skip entirely just by telling my mom I was in a rush and telling her to give me something I could eat on the go (and then I wouldn't eat it)

    during lunch at school I just hang out with my friends and tell them I ate a big breakfast or something so it isnt weird or ill sip on some coffee or chew some gum or work on homework so I have something to do. after a while it just became normal that I wouldn't eat and no one asked me about it lol

    for dinner, id have to eat whatever my mom made but over time I started getting smaller servings but more of them so it looks like im still eating or like I slowly cut back how much id was eating so it wasnt like all at once that I started eating less. for desert my parents are pushy too but id either say omg im so full I cant eat it or can I take it to my room I have lots of homework or I even tried saying I think im lactose intolerant. mostly my mom would still have me eat it though.

    if I felt I ate too much one day or looked bloated I’d do 1 hr of cardio or 30 mins of ab/leg workouts but generally because I wasnt eating except for a bit of dinner that helped massively to help me get slimmer

    now I'm around 100lbs and I definitely look thin (which is what I wanted) but my ethnic mom says I look like a twig lol. i did try to keep some weight in my boobs and hips as much as possible it’s really just my waist they got smaller and my legs. but I’m much happier with my body now

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