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Fixing severely matted hair? ?

So I’m a white person with naturally straight long hair but after becoming quite Depressed I allowed a few things to spiral and one of those things was my hair so long story short my hair hasn’t been tug free for over a year which has resulted in a huge section of it resembling a birds nest. Whilst a part of its like that in the Center of it I can feel a hard section that I can almost bend it I would certainly say it’s matted though. I definitely plan on fixing it though but I need to be able to do this myself. My family aren’t aware as I’ve managed to brush non matted parts Over it into a pony tail to conceal it so assistance or having it sorted professionally is out of the question and it needs to be something I can sort myself and alone but any tips, products or tools would be appreciated :) 

Oh I also have a coconut allergy so anything with that would be out. 

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    There is no magical oil or conditioner that will undo matts and knots like the mythical Gordian knot. And in the story Alexander the great cut it with his sword, he didn't magically untie it.  It's going to take a lot of work and it's going to take a modern sword -in this cases scissors. Some of the worst areas can only be helped by cutting into them. It's the only thing that will get rid of the worst parts.

    Start by picking the matts apart with your fingers in dry hair. You can more easily feel them when hair is dry. Start at the tips and work upward. Get in there and gently spread the hairs apart. Hard knots will need to be cut out with a scissors and large dense areas will will also need to be cut. 

    After that soak your hair in any conditioner - inexpensive stuff from the drug store will work - get a wide toothed comb and start combing small sections at a time  start close to the ends añd slowly work up the hair to the scalp. Do not pull or yank and any knots will need unlocking with the fingers. Anything that can be unknotted will need to be cut. After start at the scalp and comb down.  You might find that all your hair has a serious problem two or three inches from the ends. This is common. Take your scissors and cut above the line of knots. Comb again and your comb should glide smoothly from root to tip. 

    After wash your hair using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Garnier makes an amazing smoothing shampoo and conditioner Smooth and Sleek. If your hair looks weirdly cut or uneven find a hair place (those magiccuts/First Choice/fantastic Sam's strip mall chains are fine and don't ask questions)  and get a cut. Just say you tried a cut your hair at home YouTube video. They understand. My sister in law is nodding her head as I read this to her. She says home haircut repairs have countributed to her new car. 

    From now on when you get up comb your hair first thing in the morning and before bed. Make it part of your routine. Get up, use the toilet,  comb your hair. Before bed put on pajamas, use toilet, brush the teeth and comb the hair. If you can't keep long hair tangle free or all you do with it is tie it in a ponytail then long hair is not for you. There are literally thousands of styles that are  medium length and allow you to do everything from buns and  pony tails and more. Plus medium length hair is easier to care for, doesn't look ratty on the ends and Is so much prettier than super long or super short styles. And it might be the happy little pick-me-up you need.

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    If you're a guy, shave it off...a lady, lots of conditioner and a comb.

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