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Does my manager like me ?!?

I’ve been working at my job for almost a year now and there is a manager ( one of many ) that I have. He is super nice to me always complimenting me on what a good job I do at work. When I’m not at work he notices and asks me where I was ( keep in mind I work with thousands of people he could easily not notice I was gone) , he is always offering to help me out with things for example, at my job there is a huge storage basement/tunnel that runs through the whole building I had to go down there to get 2 things that were not heavy at all and I really didn’t need help but he immediately offered to go to the tunnel with me and help me. Another example, my car battery stopped working so I called out and when I told him about it he said that he would’ve changed my battery for me. Another time , a coworker was not being very nice to me and so I of course went to him to complain and he believe me and immediately spoke to the person who I complained about, and everyday since always asks me am I okay. Last but not least he has a nickname for me he calls me “little lady”. Am I being dramatic or do you think he may be crushing ? 

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    If he's your manager there is most likely a policy that says no dating.

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    if he didnt like you you wouldnt be working there

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