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Lo___ asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 month ago

Is it better to eat a whole cake or to eat a quarter of cake over 4 days?

From a diet/health perspective, is it "better" to cheat badly one day only or to cheat lightly but more often? 

The cake example is the best way I can describe this.


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    1 month ago

    There is no test, thus there can be no cheating. Anything is fine in moderation. If a slice of cake for dessert or a treat is part of ones daily diet (until the cake is gone) then that person should adjust their overall calorie intake for those days so that the slice of cake doesn't cause them to consume more calories than their body uses. In consuming the entire cake in 1 day, it's almost certain they will exceed their daily calorie needs with just the cake (not counting anything else they eat that day). 


    One may do as they choose with regard to eating high calorie foods. Eating the cake in 1 day or across 4 days is still the same calories OF CAKE consumed. The key to avoid gaining fat is to not consume more calories than the body uses (and to keep refined sugar consumption to a minimum).

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    It is best to understand nutrition and adjust your diet so "cheating" is not required.

    If you want to eat cake then it should be included in your overall diet, in appropriate portions. 

    Overindulging one day then starving to make up for it is the least healthy option.

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