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Simple Periodic function calculation?

This problem is about a strain sensor- the periodic strain ranges from .0032 in/in to .0042 in/in at 1Hz frequency. How can I find the amplitude and frequency when expressed as a simple periodic function?

Thank you.

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    When periodic, assume a sin wave type solution. s= a sin kt. k is the time constant. s is the strain. s1=0.0032 = a sin kt1, s2 = a sin kt2=0.0042. Divide one by the other.

    .0032/0.0042= sin kt1/sin kt2=0.76 sin kt2 is larger than sin kt1.  Now I want to know 1Hz frequency. t1 and t2 differ by time = 1/1hertz. t2=t1+1

    sin kt1= 0.76 sin (kt1+k)= 0.76( sin kt1 cos k+cos kt1 sink)

    sin kt1(1-0.76 cos k)- 0.76 sin k cos kt1=0. I can not get the result.

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    This is not a question about Chemistry.  You're likely to get better answers by moving it to Physics.

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    Sorry, my answer is "Anonymous" as your post is Anonymous. There is no need for an Anonymous question in this category, Most 'Anonymous' posts are trolls, maybe yours is not, but the high likelihood is there. If you post as yourself, I would be glad to help you with any problem you have.

    I spend a lot of time on each problem, I just want to make sure it's for a worthwhile cause.

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