Can a guy fall for a married woman?

Him =21(single. Never had a girlfriend) 

Her= 30 (married)

His & Her Relationship= Been close a few years. Became friends by fellow family members. Never done anything sexual. 

How he acts with her:

-Always reaching out to see her

-Tells her everything & keeps her updated on everything going on in life (even on girls he meets)

-Is flirtatious with her 

-Touchy (gives hugs, grabs arm, feet, and gives innocent brushes)

- Will stare at her when she is not looking

- Has deep convos with her and trust her completely (per his quote)

-Will tell her about girls he comes across and ask her advice

-Used to be really into her when they first met

Questions is. How does he feel for her? Is it friendship? Romance? Lust? Crush?

Updated 2 days ago:

Many say he’s into her. But how do you explain him speaking to her a lot about other women? To me this is a huge red flag of friendship. Not romance. 

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  • Happens all the time but rarely comes to anything.

  • 1 month ago

    I have, but it is the opposite thing like - I'm not thee married party hoping for a fling - I'm the actual dude.

    My scenario? 

    38 - never had a girlfriend/single.

    I fall for married women all the time.

    My conscience wouldn't stop me if there were ever something there - but alas sometimes the universe takes care of itself.

    There is never anything there.

    I could and often do chalk it up to loneliness. 

    That age gap, though, is a little different... because if he covets a 30-year-old married woman he probably covets others that are spoken for that are younger. 

    I don't think any thrill is worth it and fortunately all of the married women I have fallen for think the same.

    I just continue alone. 

  • lala
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    He is having a affair with a married woman and do not 

    come here and tell me  he had never had sex with her 

    Of COURSE he did have sex with her 

    and Yes he is in love with her 

    But do not    say a word because he will    be really mad at you 

    He is 21 ;let  him do his romance and sex life 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes a guy can. But she needs to be careful, cheating can ruin quite a few plans for people and bring a world of pain.

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