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How to get your bf to make an effort ?

My bf and I have been together for five years. He hasn’t been making as much of an effort. I text him first in the morning I buy him groceries and clothes. Typical girlfriend things. For a while I was doing his hw because he failed a class three times. How do I get him to make more of an effort ? 

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    I find it a bit odd that you feel as if buying groceries and clothes for your boyfriend is "typical girlfriend behavior". It's not.  If a guy can't afford to buy his own personal items and groceries, or he has no ambition to do so, then what good is he at all?  You're not his mommy but it looks like you're trying to be her. 

    And if a guy isn't making a lot of effort with you, he's not that interested.  

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    You CANNOT change people!! If you're 5 years in and he's still doing this, you will spend the rest of your life taking care of him. Tell him to grow up or get out. 

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    As long as you enable him to be lazy he's going to be lazy!

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    Those aren't typical girlfriend things. Those are typical mom things. He's obviously become comfortable and complacent. Tell him this isn't working for you.

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