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Suicidal thoughts; what are good reasons to keep on living?

You dont have to read this long-short story, if you'd only want to do so:

I feel like I'm such a ball of bad luck and I'm a heavy weight for my family to carry. lately my dad told me I'm useless cos I'm not working  (because of the pandemic we're in a financial crisis) but I can't work cos I'm in internship full-time. Everyone hates me in college because of a made-up rumor. Everyone in my batch except 7 people hate me because I got suddenly famous for doing me craft in a really big event. I graduated highschool but I wasn't able to march because I failed a subject on the last sem. I repeated several class years in college because of bad academic performance. I cheated on my past gf. I am drowning in guilt. I hate being such a bad son. I really am a failure. 

I was so happy before(before I cheated) I was doing whatever what made me happy through sports and doing gigs here and there. making videos. hanging out with friends. I felt good I was famous. I thought I was on the right track of making my dreams come true.

now I feel like I'm paying for all of those good memories. I don't know if I should go on. I feel like my time is up. I feel like I had done so much bad things and being such a weight on my family I can't breathe though the pain every day. I want to punish myself in that case, I could sort of relieve my family's worries about money. this gigantic pain in my heart, this guilt, would end. And hopefully I'd be in peace

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    Most people cheat at one point in their lives no one is truly perfect you need to learn to forgive yourself and about your father. Just see if you can reduce internship and find some local work maybe you do need a job he is just being truth with you. The key is to stay busy.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Our life ist not pending the meenings and thosts from others. But unfortunaly it can be under big pressure.

    The best help I found is in the following periodical: Pleasecread it by an open heart.

    Further help is possible!

  • 4 weeks ago

    You need to get yourself a book of positive affirmations & stop all this negative crap.  Nobody can help you if you don't feel good about yourself in some manner.  People get depressed by going to deep into self. Pity me, I am a victim, I am useless, nobody loves me, I am a burden to everyone around me, oh, poor poor me, ......  You need to throw that book in the trash & open the one with positive affirmations.

    This is so much easier said than done but if you can do it, I guarantee you will find the light that lifts you out of that state of mind.  Mind over matter.  Positivity. 

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    Things are going to get better even if they seem hopeless. For example, Mandela spent 27 years in prison. He stayed strong and was released and became president of his country and did a lot of good and had a great and happy life because he stayed alive. I know of someone who was severely depressed for many years and was able to recover and live a happy life. There was a time I felt hopeless and miserable but now I am very happy I decided to stay alive.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    See a professional like a psychologist.

    If you do anything like try to take your life and are considering it, then call the ambulance or go to a hospital.

    Things do get better, but only if you do something about it. Go to the hospital now they won't judge you.

  • Ian
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    4 weeks ago

    If you ever really find yourself able to counteract the human survival instinct and actually are able to do the deed, you are stronger than most people are, and you should really just stick it out and live, that kind of strength will serve you well for the rest of your life. To fix your life, forgive yourself, and then promise yourself that you will be as kind to you as you would be to others. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    You say that you have done so many bad things, but the only one you mention is cheating on your girlfriend.    Whatever else you have done wrong, simply do the right thing(s) now.  Everybody is under stress these days, including your dad. Forgive him.

         Now if you can explain to me how suicide would help anybody one bit , including you or your dad, I will listen.

         Things changed in your life, and they will change again.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Foun another sollution live life 

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