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Why does my brain make me remember the bad times I’ve had?

I could just be doing nothing and I would suddenly remember a time I had disappointed my parents or have been embarrassed at school. My mind constantly reminds me of times like this and for no reason at a random moment without any context. Am I the only person that goes through this? Why does this happen? 

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    You're not the only person whose mind tends to wander over to bad memories while remembering things in the past. Psychologists say that our memories have a bias in favor of bad memories. They say that a nice memory, like how you enjoyed a picnic, doesn't teach you anything but a terrible memory like how you wrecked your car does. However there are times when people constantly obsess about bad things, and that's a sign of a disorder, such as depression.

    The bad memory bias is one reason for the popularity of mindfulness meditation, which is awareness of the here and now. I have information about this in my answers, also mental health information - depression treatments, etc.

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    Your brain is protecting you against repeating those bad times again and again.

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    cause you were upset when the bad times were happening

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    Your brain is a bit like a computer. If you think about bad things, and you feel bad, your brain obliges by searching through all your bad memories to show you. 

    Think happy positive thoughts consciously and your brain will look for happy memories to give you. 

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