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Why is illegal immigration a debate? It's just a matter of the law?

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    So very true, but it’s about buying votes.

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    And EXACTLY why shouldn't it be????????  Do you really want illegals to come here, take your job and your house????????  If an illegal, wants to come here, then he or she must do the LEGAL way.

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    The actual "debate" is whether or not the laws should be changed.

    The democrats want to fill the country with weak individuals who need government handouts, free health care and free services. This way those immigrants will, in turn  vote for democrats. 

    Democrats want to have people right where they want them so they can control them. All the while, OUR taxes go up to pay for it all. 

    NEWSFLASH: nothing is free. Taxes pay for in your money and my money is collected and given away...ear marked for immigrants....and, of course other things.

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    Yes, it is a matter of the law, but the law can be changed.  Our current immigration system is broken, and it needs to be reformed.  As for the Trumpvangelical religious kook morons who claim that illegals vote, please provide some proof.

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  • 1 month ago

    Democrats want Illegals voting it’s not a debate it’s all political agendas.

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    It's a way of selling hate for Latinos.

    Under the Obama Administration on average 400,000 people were deported each year. So the notion of open birders is a way of selling the hate. The Activist called Obama the Deporter in Chief. DAGA was forced on him. Obama told them that if they don't like how many people are being deported they must elect a Democratic Senate. Until then all he could do is enforce the law. because of the backlog of cases someone could be here a year or more before a hearing. And without committing a crime, they could still be deported.

    Trump instead of issuing a temporary resident card, as they await their asylum claim. Trump has chosen to put those people in internment camps. Separating children from families. That is evil.

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    Because the law is nothing more than a manifestation of policy and the policy can be wrong. Should someone who is a benefit to this country be excluded, simply because policy says so ? 

    Oh - and because this is a nation of immigrants.

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    It isn't.  What is a debate are the immigration programs allowing immigrants to find citizenship legally.  An example is the Dream Act

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    Todays democrats have no regard for law, and therefore the debate is for lawlessness in almost every instance. Get EVERY VOTE FOR TRUMP.. WE NEED EVERY VOTE

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    Because conservatives can't win legitimate debates so they have to pretend that their opponents support crime and then debate those people in their imaginations. 

    Their imagination is their safe place. 

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