Should i take a break?

Ok so here is the story, and no matter how stupid it sounds, please don't judge.

So recently i had a dream,

In the dream, there was a character from a video game who was one of my favorites, he was reading some booklet that i assumed was in latin. He was using my laptop to look up some more stuff in latin, it was related to the booklet. 

I asked him if he needed a hug, he said yes, so obviously we hugged. But it was a long hug. So after that, i get on this bus, then i'm back to the guy, and he's sitting in a chair.  Dream me asks him if we are a couple, then he says no. I ask him to braid my hair, and he does. But now after the braid, the hair is blonde?

Should i take a break from playing Skyrim? Or is it just a normal dream, but with a video game guy?

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  • 1 month ago
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    The actor in the theater (video game) is humorous.  He is not a bad guy.  But when you get deeply involved in anything it usually shows up in your dreams, so there is nothing unusual about your dream.  Yes, if it was me, I would take a break from playing Skyrim.  The dream is normal enough but read a book or two before going back to the games.

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