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It's not weird for me (a guy) to give another my number right?

I'm 26 (If that matters.) and my wife and I have been having a debate about this.I talk to the same guy every Friday night at the hoagie shop down the street from me my wife and I get hoagies every Saturday afternoon for lunch to wind down from the week with a movie.So the guy who is the cook he's about my age.We talk about things alot while he makes the hoagies.And he seems so cool and chill I wanna give him my number and say we should chill sometime hit me up and give him a piece of paper with my number on it.My wife said that would be weird and strange even if it was a girl to a girl that's just plain something that normal people don't do.Is it?Or is my wife just being weird about it bc it's something SHE wouldn't do.Help me out how would you guys or girls react? Wheather it's male to male or female to female? Thank You in advance.I just don't wanna do something that i'll regret.

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    I don't see any reason not to, as long as the guy already knows you're married.

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    Either he likes you to be a friend with, or he wants more from you, in a intimate way.

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    There's nothing weird about it. Your wife sounds a bit insecure and isn't really thinking rationally. You've made a friend, and you'd like to hang out a bit. That's totally reasonable. 

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