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Why do good people suffer?

I’m never going to understand how people who do right by others and are good to people suffer and struggle the most. Good people have dreams and fight for them everyday and the people who do evil get gifted with those same dreams but the good people are are dreamers are always empty handed. Why is it like this? 

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    There are so many reasons to answer your question.  The first is that "LIfe is not fair!"  Where does it say that Life would be fair?  Show me the place that says that Life would be fair.  Second, some people believe in karma: "What you put out there in the world comes back to you." But sometimes it seems to me that the law of karma s unjust, but others trust in it. 3rd reason:  We are human, we are not Gods so we bleed, we get hurt, we are handicapped, we are desperate.  The wise people are the ones who seek help in the Lord.  The whole human Life is so much easier to deal with when one follows the Lord Christ.  Other people have other deities they believe in, and maybe their belief is what gets them through their lives.  But I know that my Redeemer lives, and that He gives me the grace to get through the day, each day one at a time.  

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    Sorry, but that is life in this very imperfect world.

    I always laugh when I am hoeing weeds, and I curse Adam and Eve for it!  Just a joke, but if those two had not listened to Satan, we might not be having this conversation!

    Jesus says that rain falls on the just and the unjust, so sometimes good people have bad things happen to them and bad people get good things.

    I concentrate on what He says and that is that He can take what others (specifically Satan) means for our detriment and turn it around to good for us!  Look at Job.  He was a good man, a Godly man, and he went through an awfully rough time.  Was physically hurt, in pain, diseased, etc., lost his wife and family-all his kids, and even his abode, farm and animals, livestock.  It was bad.  But, he wouldn't give up on God.  And, the odd thing was that God knew that Job was such a great man, that he would continue not to give in to Satan, so God allowed Satan to tempt Job.  BUT, Job kept on, keeping on and eventually, God restored everything to Job, but not just everything but DOUBLE what he lost!

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    If you believe in heaven and hell it will make sense to you 

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