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Was JFK assassinated because he wanted to declassify the information they had on UFOs?

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    According to the CIA-FBI memo concerning LANCER (jfk code name) if he continued with his plans to share info on UFO's with the Russians in order to stave off an accidental ICBM launch, The solution would have to be WET.

    They could allow the Mafia to do it for them.

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    That’s one theory, but I do not know why.

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    No Vietnam war and civil rights 

  • The favorited answer is only partially correct. JFK WAS killed by previous MAFIA ties which he had associated with in his climb to the presidency and then later disregarded/discarded when he thought he was too powerful to be touched by them, or need their influences.

    However, the powers that ACTUALLY ALLOWED the assassination to take place were the war profiteers that were dependent on the incident known as "The Bay of Pigs" to escalate to war in order for them to rake in the money that is generated by such a war. Kennedy was supposed to go to war and he did not.

    THIS cost the "overlords" billions (yes, even at 1960s U.S.D. dollar value to today's, making it even worse when we look at it today). The assassination was not only retribution, but as a warning to future presidents to let them know that they ARE NOT AT THE TOP OF THE "FOOD CHAIN."

    The threat of the release of U.F.O. information was actually the main reason Marylin Monroe was killed (this was authorized by Bobby Kennedy who also had a backroom relationship with Monroe, in addition to the one his brother had with her).

    Of course now we know Bobby's assassination (metaphysically speaking) was what is known as "instant karma" for her killing which was also allowed due to pursuits of those crime figures who played a part in his brother's killing. The Kennedys were viewed as a collective "problem" for the powers that be and thus, were eliminated.

    The actual assassins (3, all with high military training) were all permanently and systematically removed immediately after the plot had been completed, as were several people who played minor roles in the setup.

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    No, that isn't a strong enough reason to assassinate a President.

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    no.  Could we please just stop listening to Q-anon?  They are cruelly exploiting our least educated citizens!

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    No. There was this goofy guy. Oswald. He defected to Russia. So he knew beyond doubt that communism didn't work. Fair Play for Cuba is strange. But he was strange. My wife went to his perch at the School Book Depository. she couldn't believe how close it was. Or she thought she could easily make those shots.

    But let's dispense with the conspiracy theories. JFK suffered from Addison's disease. He had on a heavy back brace that day. Go back a watch the film. His torso is still plastered to the back seat after it's over.

    So it was the brace. The first shot would have knocked him over if not for the brace. Not shot from the Grassy Knoll. Again, because the brace wouldn't allow his body to go forward, his body recoiled and the debris went out the back.

    No conspiracy. Go to Case Closed by Gerald Posner. He'll give you the brace. 

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    If that were true, wouldn't they have shot him with a phaser? 

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    Nah, the mob got him. They helped to get him elected but he didn't do what he promised he would do for them in return.

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