Is this normal?

I thought this was an everyone thing but once someone brought it up, I realized it may be a me thing.

Do any of you get a stuffy or half stuffy nose all the time when you sleep, or even just lay down? I thought it was just normal but now it sounds like it isn't. Whenever I lay down for more than a few minutes, either one side of my nose or both sides get plugged up. If I lay on my right side, right side gets plugged. Lay on left side, left side gets plugged. Occasionally both will get plugged and I end up breathing out of my mouth and drooling a lot, but that's usually only if I'm sleeping on my back or on my stomach.

I'm 24. I've never been diagnosed with a deviated septum and up until last year, I didn't even know what it was, but now that I read about it, that may be what I have and what could be causing it considering I do have a somewhat crooked nose and the right side gets stuffy way more than the left side. And just to be clear, when I'm laying down and it gets stuffy, it's not like I just have labored breathing or anything from the effected nostril. It's usually completely stuffed, couldn't blow air out of it if I wanted to.

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