I fall down when im awake and am paralyzed but i can still talk. I also get different types of seizures. What could be going on?

I really need help.

Updated 1 day ago:

For the winner who answered my question! Sometimes I can talk. And sometimes I just slur my words. Look it up buddy, its called Postictal Paralysis. Is possible to talk during this episode. It can last 15+ hours, mine has lasted 2 hours, are you seriously gonna argue with that? This is what your doing is calling me crazy. Do I need to get political on you? Or religious? Calling me crazy, thats DIVIDE & CONQUER. Why dont you just go ahead & call everybody crazy?

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  • Andy C
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    1 month ago
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    Paralyzed means that you can't move.   If you can't move,  you can't talk.   Ask the doctor that you are avoiding.   You're likely going to have to see a neurologist or psychiatrist. 

    Depending on the cause. 

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