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Is this preferential treatment in a workplace?

To add some context I am a supervisor of a worker at work and the boss above me is extremely close with this worker. In your mind is the below preferential treatment?

1. There was one situation where the worker was playing on her Nintendo Switch at work... The other employees came up to me and another supervisor annoyed that they are all working whilst she is just lazing around playing switch... When we asked her about it she got cranky and said she was with our boss in his office doing other work. Later that day our boss comes in and says that he is going to kill someone... when we ask who he is going to kill, he responds with I'm not going to tell the people I want to kill. Later I go to his office and ask him what it was about. He said he was annoyed that people lied about the employee being on her switch...

2. He gave her leave over others over the Christmas period which impacted everyone else's amount of days that needed to be worked.

3. Whenever we attempted to give her direction she would run to him and get it changed as she did not like us telling her what to do.

4. Any personal details we ever revealed to our boss would go to her as they were very close... No one felt comfortable with any personal issues going to the boss as they knew she would find out and spread the information (of which I have text message evidence).

5. They would spend hours upon hours in the bosses office together and she would use this as an excuse to get out of work.

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    Yes it is.  That is not illegal, just really stupid.

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