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MRA's, what do you think the world would look like if men and women had exactly the same rights?

The reason I bring this up is that I suspect that human gynocentrism has people subconsciously looking at women and thinking "Women are weaker and smaller than men. If they're not protected, they'll perish and our species with them." and so they reject equal rights and therefore reject the MRM. 

People may be, subconsciously, fully aware that feminism is pure BS but they reject the MRM simply b/c actual gender equality looks to them, to their subconscious anyway, like women being enslaved. 

I'm betting that if there was a small test of this idea, say if ....a single county in Wyoming were to suddenly have total legal gender equality... that it would play out exactly that way UNLESS that gynocentrism was concealed in economic hand outs for 'single parents' (mostly mothers) and 'medical insurance' (most often used by women) and so forth. 


Poker. This is all you actually posted that was an answer to my question: "I’d imagine it’d be quite depressing for females at first as it’d be a shock) and confusing for males too as too many are simps. ". So, with all due respect, I'm probably not giving you BA. Not that you could even find it on this site anymore without checking your emails. 

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    "MRA's, what do you think the world would look like if men and women had exactly the same rights?"

    Not an MRA here, but I am sure that most women would hate a full and proper equality that included equal Responsibilites along with the equal Rights they have. Especially as this should include loss of all of their legacy, traditional female privilege that they still mostly get here in the West.  Now, if we were to include full social equality on top of this, where women would be expected to also ask men on dates and pay for that (as a single example) in equal proportions to men, then women would not accept this proper equality at all as they already don't seem to like the added Responsibilities that came with Rights, even as they are often held to a lower standard there.

    I am certain that women really want fairness, and would prefer that over equality if they had to make a choice.  Under the old arrangement throughout all of history, the system was designed to be FAIR by taking the limits and strengths of our biological sex into account in order to mete out different Rights and Responsibilities based on what would be most fair for our gender. But feminists decided on behalf of women that this was sexist and wanted to put and end to that.

    Enter EQUALITY where feminists demanded that women be treated equal to men -despite- the differences in our biological make up. So today, many women complain that something is not fair because it doesn't take their gender specifically into account when they really feel it should. But feminists decided on their behalf that they preferred equality over fairness. And women have never challenged feminism as the voice that speaks on their behalf.

    There is a lot of buyers remorse already for this version of feminist equality by many women without understanding that it is the fault of feminists directly for this. For their part, prominent feminists seem to understand this and so they lobby for privileges under the deception of "gender equality", which attempts to retain the historical fairness for women, while still demanding equality for women when that is preferable. Of course, this is neither fair nor equal for men to have feminists expect the best of both for women where men will have to pick up the slack in each instance.


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    I'd say your position is total b.s., but I've no idea what MRA means (other than Magnetic Resonance Angiography) nor MRM. But pull those two bits of alphabet, and your position is pure pv$$y quivering. 

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    You are either really behind or just wanting confirmation and it’s always @Jerry who gives it to you guys.

    Half of MRM issues have nothing to even do with females and if they do, just want to afford males the same rights (Abortion, parental rights) or afford females the same responsibilities (Justice system). 

    Both are progressive ideas that want to move on from patriarchy but too many on both sides can’t stop being cynical for one minute, thus they work against each other for no good reason. Nonetheless, one focusses on amending patriarchy to benefit females, the other males but it’s hate speech if males spout the exact same type of ideas about changing society. The left are left with no option but to (poorly) exaggerate levels of misogyny in the. Of course it exists but plenty of us, myself included, have no ill will toward anyone and simply relate to the issues it covers. Even the father’s rights movement and MGTOW are depicted as hate groups, when its aims are pretty clear and not malicious.

    To answer the question, exact same as in males were set free of all their responsibilities, same as females were held accountable for theirs? I’ll assume the second since you’re quite patriarchal. I’d imagine it’d be quite depressing for females at first as it’d be a shock) and confusing for males too as too many are simps. 

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