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White liberal females are praising Chelsea handler for what she said to 50 cent would you consider them racist?

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    "White liberal females are praising Chelsea handler for what she said to 50 cent would you consider them racist?"

    I consider them hypocrites.  White liberals will actually go along and call their White sisters that get into any conflict with any black person to be a "Karen", which is a denigrating term, all things being equal.  But when all things are not equal, such as someone espousing the "wrong" political opinion (supporting Trump rather than Biden), then suddenly all the rules go out the window.

    This is how the Left works.  It has co-opted all the "woke" movements and places them in a hierarchy.  White women are quite low on that totem pole today compared with the other so-called "marginalized" groups.  But if someone that is  more "oppressed" than her, such as a black man ...but that "oppressed" person is a Trump supporter, then suddenly that person no longer matters and is no longer advocated for.  This is because political affiliation ultimately trumps race in the Left's hierarchy.

    Anyone not following the strict rules of the Left, even if they themselves are one of the Left's pet victim groups, will become hated on and deemed an "oppressor" or "racist" or "sexist" or whatever, if they dare to go against the Left's order.  And this is exactly what has happened here.  The Left is not standing up for Chelsea handler as a women ... because White women are lower than black men on the "woke/identity politics opression" scale.  They are standing up for Chelsea Handler as a Democrat/Biden supporter and denigrating 50 cent as a Republican/Trump supporter.  That's what's going on.


  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    I'm just wondering wtf Chelsea has in her britches that's worth losing such a chunk of your income over. Surely Fiddy could get something better for less than 62% of his income. 

  • Bill
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    1 month ago

    White liberals have been mistreating blacks that don't vote their way for decades now. The only thing perhaps interesting about this case is that she was racist towards a black guy she once dated. lol

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes I most certainly would if the left can get up in arms about food labels, songs and movies being racist the i would consider the way chelsea handler treated 50 cent as racist along with anyone that praised her

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