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Where to find/have made a music box? ?

Hi everyone! I have tried searching through Google like crazy and figured I'd ask on here. 

Does anyone know where I can find or have someone make a music box of the theme from Disney's Carousel of Progress, "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow". On etsy I've only seen where they will make a sheet to go through the box, but I want the box all self contained. No paper or anything like that. 

Thanks in Advance! 

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  • steve
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    There currently is an eBay item for sale titled --

    'Disneyland Resort Sleeeping Beauty Castle Snowglobe Music Box Beautiful Tomorrow' that may suit your desires. (UPC 400003906666)

    Given the above, it would appear Disney (or someone) previously had such a music box cylinder made with the melody you're wanting.   You could contact Disney merchandising and see if it's possible to get this music box mechanism elsewhere.

    Otherwise, I'd first suggest contacting the Nidec Sankyo Corporation (as they already have more than 10,000 song arrangements for music box) and ask if they have a mechanism with 'There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow' and go from there. They can also do custom cylinders.


    You can have custom music box melodies made, but it's very expensive, plus you have to license any music.     

    See (for example, though I'm sure there are numerous other options) --

    Herz Fine Music Boxes -- Custom Tunes

    MusicHouseShop (or TheMusicHouse) -- Custom Mechanisms

    BetterMusicBoxes -- Custom Tunes

    OneTinyShop -- Custom Tune Service

    OnlyOneMusicBox -- Custom Tune Music Box -- Custom Music Box

    (And if money is no object)

    The Richard Laidler Music Box (see on YouTube)

    You've probably already seen options for a 'digital music box' --


    MusicBoxAttic -- Custom Tunes



    Unfortunately, after listening to a 72, 100 or 144-note Reuge music box, an 18-note music box sounds underwhelming.   I hope you find something that will satisfy your question.

  • 2 months ago

    Search google for "Muro Box" and look for the indiegogo link.

    That is a fully programmable music box, that can play anything.

    Or if you have or know someone with a 3D printer, you can create your own classic style music box mechanism with any tune you like.

    Search "Parametric Music Box" on Thingiverse for that.

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