What are some music recommendations?

One of my 2021 resolutions is to expand my taste in music and find new genres or artists. I plan on making a long list to explore throughout the year, so drop some of your favorites!

You can answer with artists, songs, albums, personal playlists or even a specific genres! Hey, drop your own music if you'd like! I will give it a listen!

Thanks for the help! No judgements on your taste, I'm open to anything!

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    2 months ago

    Current line-up of current bands

    All Them Witches (Blues / Psychedelic)

    A Slice Of Life (Post Punk)

    Bambara (Post Punk)

    Big Big Train (Progressive Rock)

    Blackbird Hill (Blues)

    The Brains (Psychobilly)

    Ego Likeness (Industrial Rock)

    Faderhead (Electro / FuturePop)

    Flatfoot 56 (Celtic Punk)

    Left Lane Cruiser (Heavy Blues)

    The Magpie Salute (Reincarnation of The Black Crowes)

    Mr IrishBastard (Celtic Punk)

    No Trigger (Hardcore Punk)

    The Pineapple Thief (Progressive Rock)

    Rabia Sorda (Industrial Rock/Metal)

    The Rumjacks (Celtic Punk)

    Stray Train (Blues Rock)

    Steven Wilson (Progressive Rock)

    Wisdom In Chains (Hardcore Punk)

    The Wood Brothers (Folk / Americana)

  • 2 months ago

    Any clues on what you usually listen to? I mean, I don't want to just drop you into Norwegian Black Metal if that is going to be a culture shock...

    I played in bands during the 90s. If you want to really open up your musical tastes, there is nothing better than getting some like-minded people together and playing in a band. Working with other music fans influenced by different things. That experience introduced me to David Bowie, to King Crimson, to Devo, to Radiohead, to Deep Purple, to Ween, to the Chemical Brothers, to Aphex Twin. I was already a fan of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and Queen, (and Primus and Soundgarden were big at the time) and maybe I brought some of that to the table.

    Give any of those a go.

    Mars gets a point for mentioning a great King Crimson song.

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    2 months ago


    *Alina Baraz*Tae Supreme Erykah BaduWENSJ.Cole born sinner 

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    2 months ago

    Ramones- Cretin Hop ("Rocket to Russia"), Jimi Hendrix- Stone Free ("Radio One"), King Crimson- Thela Hun Ginjeet, Beck- The New Pollution:

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    2 months ago

    Check out the band Marianas Trench...  I didn't think I'd like them at first when a friend told me to give them a listen and now they're one of my favorite bands and I've seen them live 3x.  Listen to their songs:


    One Love

    Pop 101

    By now


  • 2 months ago

    Astrix. Ace Ventura. Protoculture.

  • 2 months ago

    I think you should listen to, Oases and their album, What's The Story Morning Glory,

    I guarantee you will like the whole album, So enjoy.

  • Foxy
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    2 months ago

    Listen to the lute songs of Weiss and Bach.

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    2 months ago

    Wheeeew, I never do well with these, some reason I can make a list that takes allot of time and consideration, yet, I can not remember the last time my suggestions were chosen as a favorite. BUT, you know what ? I enjoy sharing music so I will with you and the others here.

    Shall we we try ? I will also suggest if you allow a good album to become exposed to each band. I hope you do not mind "suggestions". I will cover many genres trying to find you something to make you say WOW !

    Delta Moon - Life's a Song

    The Devil Makes Three - Long Johns, Boots and a Belt

    Loreena McKennitt - An Ancient Muse AND OR  Nights From The Alhambra

    Twiddle - LIVE Eagles Ballroom Bozeman, MT 8/16/2016

    Velvet Dreamer - Different World

    Rising Appalachia - Filthy Dirty South AND OR Scale Down

    Marcus King Band - Marcus King Band

    Martha Ren & The Groovets - Stop Look Listen (2016)

    Trombone Shorty & Oleans Ave - Live on Austin City Limits (they rocked that place)

    Spoon - They Want My Soul

    Glass Animals - Zaba

    Keziah Jones - Blufunk is a fact

    (try this please ... the most badass Bassline I have heard in ages played by Otto Williams) please ytube search enter :

    Keziah Jones - Where's Life (Live @ Nova Session)

    and finally Gary Clark Jr.


    Youtube thumbnail

  • 2 months ago

    I am a punk rock girl at heart. Anything L.A. based is my favorite, so bands like X, The Germs, Alice and the Bags, The Gears, ect., I love. Fear, Crass, The Dead Kennedys, the classics are also great. Some darker punk bands I like are Rudimentary Peni and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

    For many, you listen to punk in your teens. After that, to adult ears, it's noise, LOL. And that's ok, it's not everyone's cup of tea!

    I also like metal, Goth, ska, and rockabilly/psychobilly as these are kind of the same family. So yeah, hard and fast, melodic and creepy and instrumental, happy and bouncy, all cool, with me. Folk metal is awesome, so bands like Wind Rose, Finntroll, And Tyr are great. I'm still trying out Goth music currently, LOL. I love the Reverend Horton Heat, The Cramps, and the Nekromantix, too.

    On the complete opposite side, and the whole reason why punk was created, I do love me some folk songs and hippie music. Anything out of Laurel Canyon in the 60's is WONDERFUL. Summer of '67 San Francisco, the sitar, anything like that, I'm all about it. The Animals, The Beach Boys, The Mamas and the Papas, The Kinks, Janis Joplin, all that hippie stuff.

    Now, onto my real silly niche- I have a thing for Bjork, Fever Ray, and Joanna Newsom. I like weird, quirky female solo artists a lot, and these three, while Bjork is the most widely known, take the cake. Joanna Newsom is...acquired, I'll say it that way. She has a very high, child-like voice that doesn't really register too well with people, but she plays the harp beautifully.

    Miscellaneous, or bands and singers that I can't put into a box would be The Velvet Underground, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Beck, that kind of thing.

    And no, I'm not above admitting I LOVE some pop and 80's dance tunes. I love Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper, older Madonna and The Go-Gos. I love to dance!

    Good luck in your music search, friend :) 

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