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How do black Americans manage to survive from one day to the next?

How do black Americans manage to survive from one day to the next in such an openly racist and hateful society? From the moment they wake up until they lay their heads down to rest, every last one of them is at risk of being killed by the police just for being black! And white people spend all day, every day thinking of new ways to oppress these poor people.

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    the funniest part is that your troll act actually counts as "common progressive thought" among people who like to congratulate themselves for being so "liberal" thinking....

    I went to college with a guy from a wealthy, politically-connected Boston family...after graduation, we and a number of former classmates ended up in the NYC area where he would often invite us to swanky events...

    at a black-tie democratic fundraiser hosted by the Kennedy family, one of the wealthy women in attendance congratulated one of our mutual friends (who is black) for "making something of himself despite all the adversity."

    my friend (who was the son of a wealthy, high-powered California attorney) chuckled good-naturedly and said "actually, I had it pretty good growing up."

    "but every morning you still had to look in the mirror and know that you were DIFFERENT," she continued, patting him on the arm like a pet.  "that couldn't have been easy for you."

    so as bad as your act might seem....the true horror is that people like this not only exist, but are treated as "liberal elites" by some people who put sanctimony over actual thought ...

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    According to the left, every African American is terrified of leaving their house because they might be gunned down by a white supremacist.

    Meanwhile, how many black-on-black deaths occurred in Chicago last week?

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    Except the FBI data doesn't back up your claims.  3X more unarmed whites are killed by police. Blacks are more afraid of other blacks than they are of cops.  That's why they have bars on their windows.  

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