In Malaysia, do the Malays, Chinese and Indians get along perfectly well with each other?

Should the USA follow their model of unity among different groups?

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  • miffy
    Lv 5
    3 weeks ago

    The races do not get on well.

    The Chinese and Indians think the Malays are lazy. 

    The Malays resent the Indians and Chinese from dominating "their" country.

    The Indians don't  even like each other! The Indian community who have lived in Malaysia for generations dislike the more recent Indian influx over the last 25 years who they regard as ignorant peasants who are undercutting wage rates.

    If the USA follow this Malaysian model they will need to give the original inhabitants.  ie the Native Tribes of USA first pick of all government jobs and free university places. Whites and and Chinese will be barred from government jobs.

    This privileged treatment of Malays in Malaysia came about to appease the Malays in the 60s after they rioted and murdered thousands of ethnic Chinese.

    I don't  think the USA will go down this road.

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