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Anonymous asked in HealthGeneral Health CarePain & Pain Management · 1 month ago

Are my symptoms normal? Should I see a doctor?

My girlfriend and I have hit a block, she's cut off all contact with me. I haven't heard from her since Friday. She's the only person that sctually makes me happy, else than that I'm known as a funny person struggling with depression but when she's around I'm happy.

I'm starting to lose my appetite, ate one thing today and threw it up. My balance is off and to make it worse my girlfriend is in her final stages of her terminal cancer, doctors expect a month if she's lucky.

She had the option to get the tumour removed but the doctor that was going to do it was the same one that operated on her closet friend, he died from the surgery. She was going to do it but the doctor said no, now it's too big and she can't get a transplant.

Her father is the only connection I have and he made the lie up that got her to cut off all contact, it'll be a year in March and tomorrow is my 18th birthday, she's the only person I care about but she's 8 hours away from me. The only thing that'll keep me going after her death is the need to mame her proud.

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